How to Get Real Longer Eyelashes in Just Days

Mascaras and longer best 100 mink lashes have for decades been the sole choice for women to extend their eye lashes for a more glamorous, elegant and sultry look.

best 100 mink lashes
best 100 mink lashes

That is until just a few hair growth accelerators were released onto the market in 2012 that have taken this industry by storm.

Longer, thicker more luscious looking lashes are sought after by women as the life span of an eyelash hair follicle is just 3 months compared to other hairs which can last more than 3 years.

This obviously means that they fail to reach their full length and rich potential but now eye lash formulas can be applied to the root of the eye lash helping them grow faster and richer in strength and beauty.

Getting that dream look is now much easier than you think and absolutely affordable where no celebrity endorsement should fool you into thinking it will cost an arm and a leg because the super rich can supposedly afford them.Stlur

EyeLash Growth Accelerator by Eye-Secrets is one such product that guarantees extensive growth, where the brand reports that in as little as 21 days you will see significant results and a noticeable reduction in the amount of mascara you will need to use.

Containing no toxins like the dangerous parabens, hormones or salicylates, these hair growth accelerators and other similar growth products are best applied in the evening before your beauty sleep, to the root of the eye lash so it’s not disturbed like it would be with your everyday niggles, touching or rubbing of the eyes.

Achieving best 100 mink lashes in less than 3 weeks is now more than achievable and as a result, they will keep best 100 mink lashes in for much longer due to the nutrients that are absorbed into the root of each hair follicle.

So getting that dream look that was once achieved by professional make-up artists using best 100 mink lashes and heavy mascaras is no longer the way to achieve celebrity looks any longer.

Fake hair growth accelerators and mascaras are also extremely expensive and are by no means permanent so why tread this pricey path when easily affordable if not cheap in comparison to older eye lash growth traditions are the more effective and natural option.

best 100 mink lashes
best 100 mink lashes

Healthy looking naturally thick and best 100 mink lashes will sure invite many more compliments in the long run if having that sultry seductive look is what you so require.

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