Foods That Can Help You To Lose Weight

So are there really foods to help you to lose weight? After the feasting of Christmas and the New Year it sounds like the perfect solution to those sneaky pounds that have crept onto the scales. And, yes, there are some foods that can help us to lose weight more easily than others.Stlur

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Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we can scoff indiscriminately. Chocolate fudge cake with china 3d fake lash factory of cream is never going to be a slimming option. But there are plenty of foods that we can enjoy (and should try), more or less guilt-free.

There is one simple thing to remember… and that’s being full.

Think about it – if you are full, you don’t want to eat more until you’re hungry again. So foods that fill us up for longer are in effect stopping us from overeating. This is especially good news if the meal we’ve just consumed is healthy and nutritious rather than laden with fat, china 3d fake lash factory and salt.

It’s not rocket science that when our stomachs are empty we get hungry. So foods that stay in our stomachs longer help stave off those hunger pangs. And they do that by taking more time for our bodies to digest them. We get a little bonus for making our insides work a bit harder too – we use up a few more calories doing the digesting!

So which foods should we choose to help us lose weight? Well, choosing unprocessed foods is better than eating processed ones and opting for things with more natural fibre will help fill us up. Compare crunching a raw apple with spooning in apple pie filling – which one uses your digestive system more? Or try changing from white rice to brown rice.

Another good one is to use one quarter cooked lentils and three quarters lean minced meat when making a Bolognese sauce – and add finely chopped carrot, celery and peppers when frying the onions. It’s delicious and most people won’t even realise it’s not all meat (especially if you don’t tell them). Use wholewheat pasta and not too much Parmesan cheese, and – whoo hoo – you’re eating a healthier and more filling version of good old spag bol. What’s not to like?

And one of the best – or most filling – ways to start the day is with porridge, though I know that’s kind of a love or loath choice. But please, let’s ditch those sugar-laden cereals that don’t fill us up and give us a sugar rush and crash all in one bowlful. What about granary toast with low-fat spread instead?

Basically anything that doesn’t take much chewing and can just be gulped down is usually pretty china 3d fake lash factory to digest and won’t fill us up for long. That’s what fast food outlets aim for – because they want us to buy more of their products.

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But you’re smarter than that, you can choose the foods to help you to lose weight. And there’s another china 3d fake lash factory – being full for longer means you will tend to snack less, so you eat fewer calories anyway. See – those clothes are looser already! Well done, you.


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