Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

Out of all of the component parts of a woman’s beauty regime, we often underestimate the time and effort that is required to keep the high standards most women have when it comes to their eyelashes. Women’s eyelashes take a bashing each day through: the application of mascara, rubbing their eyes, curling their eyelashes, exposure to pollution and exposure to smoke to name but a few. Yet despite the damage these things do, women take far less care of their eyelash lounge than they do their hair.Stlur

eyelash lounge
eyelash lounge

Amazingly, our eyelashes begin to grow on an embryo at about 8 weeks. This time period is about the same as what it takes for new eyelashes to grow if they are damaged or fall out. We need our eyelashes, like our eyebrows, to protect our eyes from dust and other particles. When debris falls onto our eyelashes, we automatically blink which protects our eyes from getting damaged by it. Although women want to keep their eyelashes healthy for aesthetic purposes, it is also important to maintain them so that they can continue to protect their eyes.

Although women are mostly concerned with looking after their eyelash lounge because of the way they look, it is important to take care of your eyelashes and eye area to prevent you from getting eyelash disorders. Such disorders can be caused by irritants such as cosmetics but also by drugs, irritation and mites. Here are some common eyelash disorders:

1) Distichiasis: an abnormality with how the eyelashes grow
2) Madarosis: when eyelashes fall out
3) Demodex Folliculorum: mites which can be found in the eyelash lounge itself and may live there without causing harm,
4) Trichiasis: ingrowing eyelashes.

Another element of eyelash care that can be overlooked is the use of cosmetic products that most women opt to apply. In today’s society, daily use of make-up is not uncommon. The problem with persistent daily use of make-up is the fact that eyelash lounge can become weakened and in poor condition. This then leads to the lash becoming very stiff and brittle which can mean the lash will snap off. Of course, even make-up such as mascara is no use on eyelashes that have broken off.

In addition to the impact of regular make-up use, there is also an issue with the fact that your eyes are continuously exposed to environmental pollution which can also have a negative impact on the condition of the eyelash lounge. It is absolutely crucial to protect and restore eyelash lounge to counter these effects. Proper care of eyelashes can not only increase their condition but will also protect from future damage too!

eyelash lounge
eyelash lounge

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