Makeup For the Fiftylicious!

As we age, our skin texture and coloring changes. The products and methods we use on our face should reflect those mink fur false eyelashes. Following are some tips and tricks to help you look your sexy best every day.Stlur

mink fur false eyelashes
mink fur false eyelashes


· Do choose natural rose, peach, and coral-toned colors that enhance your skin tone. Usually, the best formula is one that is moisture rich or cream-based.

· Mascara is a MUST! Use it generously on top mink fur false eyelashes, and slightly more sparingly on lower mink fur false eyelashes. If you find it ends up “creeping” under your eyes, change formulas until you find one that doesn’t.

· Eyeliner is fabulous also, but play with the look until you find one that doesn’t close your eyes in. Lower liner is tricky; use very, very sparingly and use lighter colors. Ask your friends to be truly honest with you and tell you if you need a change. Or, better yet, go to a makeup counter for an update.

· Do keep eye shadow colors in mink fur false eyelashes. Browns, taupe, deep plum, khaki, or a very, very subtle blue (a deep shade) are all fine – but keep your hand light!

· Do wear a long-lasting lipstick, and then apply a soft, clear semi-gloss over it throughout the day to keep lips moist and supple.

· Do use blush, but smile and apply it only to the apples of your cheeks. Don’t try to do any makeup artist tricks with shading – go for the natural look.

· Do use foundation, but my suggestion is to use the mineral powders. First, use a concealer on the spots that need covering, and then use a brush to add the mineral powder all over your face. I started using it last year and I have never had more mink fur false eyelashes. It is natural, yet covers. I LOVE this stuff! (I use Sheer Cover, which is in my links, but you can try another if you would like).


· Don’t use pearlized or shimmery makeup; it exaggerates the changing texture of your skin (aka lines and mink fur false eyelashes).

· Don’t wear vibrant and/or wildly contrasting colors. They are too aging.

· Don’t wear a heavy, red, matte lipstick. Yikes, I just think Grandma.

· Don’t, for the love of all that is sacred, draw on your eyebrows. If yours are thinning, or you have over plucked, just use a brush and an eyebrow colored powder. If they are very thin, you will need to use a brow pencil in small, short strokes; then cover with the colored powder. I can promise you that it is aging and distracting to have one thin, drawn-on line.

mink fur false eyelashes
mink fur false eyelashes

Ladies, you can look better. You just have to make adjustments to your skin and face. Change is NOT a bad thing, it is a NEW thing. Embrace it and look great!


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