Make-Up Application and Your Fake Eyelashes

The application of fake eyelashes can be a very frightening thing for a good many women. Because of this daunting fear, many women don’t ever manage to learn the ins and out of it. But it is their loss, since applying false eyelashes can be most dramatic way of enhancing your makeup. It takes you from day to night makeup with one simple easy application. Basically it can be just a simple extra step during your Make Up Application process, and you have that dramatic movie star look that you wish you had, but never knew you could achieve on your own (yes, even without your own makeup artist!!).Stlur

mink lashes
mink lashes

The application of the fake eyelashes is quite simple, merely take the false eyelash strip and cut it to fit your eyes. Then you apply a thin, even layer of glue along the edge and inside edges of the strip. Wait for 30 seconds until it is tacky, then apply from inner eyes first and carefully press as close to your lashes as possible, adhering the whole eyelash strip until you reach the outer area of your eye. Hold in place for 30 more seconds, pressing firmly. Now that we have covered the application of the false eyelashes, here are a few Makeup Application tips which will help to make your false eyelashes look much more natural and indeed, make the process easier.

1. First before the application of any fake eyelashes, curl your natural lashes with an Eye Lash Curler. (That way your natural eyelashes will blend in with the artificial curl of the fake eyelashes)

2. Add a coat of mascara after curling your real eyelashes. This helps to hold in the curl from the eye lash curler. Do not apply too many layers of mascara, just a coat will do, you do not want spider lashes sticking out from under your fake eyelashes!

3. After you have pressed on and applied your fake eyelashes, sweep another coat of mascara through your eyelashes and the false eyelashes, blending them, so you can not tell that the false eyelashes are not your own. Mainly work on blending the mascara from the bottom of the eyelashes, not adding too much at the tips. You do not want to have fake looking lashes, so do not go too crazy on the mascara! this step is mainly for blending purposes, the fake eyelashes already achieving the height and drama on their own.

4. Now take an eyeliner pencil (or for a more neat and precise makeup look use liquid eyeliner) and draw over the strip attached to your eye, carefully blending and covering any glue that may be visible.

5. Add a eyeshadow color and blend over so that your whole look looks very seamless, without any over emphasis being on huge and tacky eyelashes.

Using these tips, you are sure to achieve gorgeous eyes for that glamorous night out. You will have people remember how gorgeous your eyes looked, and not how bad of a fake eyelash application you had. Good luck!

mink lashes
mink lashes

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