Spring & Summer 2010 Beauty Trends

With spring and summer right around the corner, now is the time to start looking at the hottest beauty trends for the upcoming months, including trends in hair and cosmetics and fashion. Some changes you will see are relatively minor and some are a bit more shocking. One thing is for certain: the spring and summer of 2010 promises to be flirty, fun and fashion-friendly.

mink lashes
mink lashes


Pony Tails

Short haircuts will remain a popular staple in the 2010 spring and summer season, but for the most part, hair styles will transform to more romantic designs. Plan to see a number of styles that feature long tresses styled in very feminine, soft waves. One reason that longer hair will be so en vogue this season is that the ponytail has made a huge comeback – and the higher the better. The higher the pony, the greater the envy you will see in your friend’s eyes. A fun twist will be twisting a tuft of hair around the elastic that holds the pony in place.

From ultra chic or ultra straight ponies to those that are abundant with waves or curls, the pony is hot, hot, hot for 2010’s warmest months. No time to grow your hair out for summer fun? No problem. Grab a few quality extensions. Newer generation ponytail extensions look so very real and are easy to put in; simply wrap the extension around your existing hair. The loose bun and French twist will be hot this summer, too – and perfect for work or formal occasions when a pony tail may seem too casual.

Fake Eyelashes a la Melinda Gordon

A hot trend for this season is the fake eyelash, made ever so popular by the beautiful Jennifer Love-Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer fame (no, those are NOT natural lashes). This season will see a huge focus on the eyes and thus, the lashes. Lashes must be fully coiffed and extended to the max – and since most gals do not have those naturally lush and long lashes, the fake lash adds the drama without the ten coats of (clumpy) mascara. Getting that movie star look can be achieved with a full lash or with individual fake lashes which tend to look more natural and have greater staying power.

Red Lips

You may recall that red lips were all the rage for the winter of 2009, and this luscious look has lost none of its staying power for the coming season. Are you too shy for a bright red pucker? Go for a shade of coral instead. Either shade you choose, vibrant and noticeable is definitely in for hot summer fun.

Clean, Natural Face

Foundation for the coming season is moving towards the natural look. More and more women are taking care of their skin and want to flaunt their flawless complexion instead of caking on foundation and concealing cream like a clown’s mask. Because so much of the spring and summer beauty trends put an emphasis on romance and romantic styles, a return to the most youthful look possible is what will be on most women’s minds. Soft shades for cheeks and eyes are hot – and using blush as shadow is definitely going to be the trend.

Denim Daze

You can go to either extreme this season with fashion; on one end, you’ll have the urge to go for the romantic tops with their ruffles and lace, feminine florals and sexy sheers. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find yourself wearing edgy minis and pencil skirts that will make heads turn wherever you go. The denim craze (including the shredded, worn, ripped and destroyed look) is never ending and may even see more risqué tears and rips as the summer wears on. Look to see a new trend emerge this summer: the patch. With all those torn and worn jeans circulating out there, we should have known it was just a matter of time before the patch became “hot”. Look for the school girl trend to hit mainstream with the reentry of knee high socks to the fashion scene, paired with short shorts and even shorter skirts. (Can you say Lolita?)

As you can see, the spring and summer of 2010 is going to be hotter than hot. Get ready!

mink lashes
mink lashes

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