Gender Inequality – Hitting Below The Belt

The anachronistic ‘custodians’ of a great religion Islam are disrespectful to Allah and Islam, by issuing a senseless ‘fatwa’. Latest fatwa is a cameo. Just unbelievable! It states: ‘Ladies can’t fart with sound, as it is not ladylike. They can fart without sound. Of course, gents can continue to fart, with or without sound.’

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Prevalent gender inequality – denial in educationStlur

1. When Taliban didn’t allow girls in Afghanistan to study in schools, the World was shocked. In developing countries, the children of poor families are encouraged to earn money, rather than, to go to school to study. Now there is an awakening, in lower strata of society and children – girls or boys – are encouraged to go to school. There are laws against child labour, which are violated more often than not.

The boys get preferential treatment within the family to study. The girls too attend the school, but it was a lower priority till recently. Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria represent, a backward, orthodox, anachronistic outlook in a modern era. They won’t hesitate to shoot another, defiant ‘Malala’. Remember, the brave girl, who wanted to study and supported others. She was shot in the head, later treated in England and was awarded Noble Peace Prize!

Gender inequality in punishment

2. There was an adultery case in Ghalmin village of Ghor province in Afghanistan. The girl was forcibly married, which she refused to accept. She had run away from home with her boy friend. The girl was stoned to death, but the boy was awarded few ‘lashes’, and set free after that. There is discrimination between boys and girls, in punishment for same alleged offence.

Gender inequality in farting

3. In a city council in, Aceh, Indonesia, there is a religious decree that to fart with a sound, is not ladylike and is banned for ladies. The ladies can fart in public places, but must do so in a controlled manner, so as not to produce sound. Men can fart, with or without sound. What a degenerated thought process!

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The solution

4. It is a social issue, but linked with religion. A suggestion, or guidance will be interpreted as interference in religious affairs, and may be exploited by Muslim militants, to suit their political goals.


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