Why Do Girls Extend Their Lashes?

Many girls ask this question. And, indeed, why? Surely, there are native eyelashes and to create expressive look you may always buy a suitable mascara and do a complete makeover.Stlur

siberian 3d mink lashes
siberian 3d mink lashes

Not all women are willing to wear extended lashes permanently, although now many ladies rid of everyday makeup, using eyelash extensions. It is comfortable and beautiful, and yet it allows you to save valuable time. For the modern woman living in a metropolis where everything is fast it is a strong argument.

Some woman refuses the lash procedure because she is afraid of her eyes will be look unnatural. But in fact it is not necessary to carry out complete extensions. There are many variations of individual eyelash extensions, one of which is the so-called “corners”. By this method of your native eyelashes are dyed by means of resistant dye, to make them a rich black color. Artificial lashes are glued only on the outer corners of the eyes. This method is perfect for girls who want to visually draw the eye, and it looks completely natural.

Think about special occasions, by the way. There are in our lifetime holidays and much more important events, in which each girl wants to shine and looks like the queen. It is birthday party, graduation party or a wedding – that’s really holidays, where every girl wants look irresistible. Girls use various tricks both overbust corsets and hairdresser services, which transform girl’s hair into a luxurious mane. And then of course it is impossible to do without lash extensions. Not for nothing do they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. This mirror has to be framed in the very best frame.

Some may ask, what’s the point wasting time and money on a visit to make-up artist for eyelash extension when you can just buy false eyelashes and stick them yourself? It’s faster and much cheaper: false eyelashes can be bought for 10-15$, while the lash procedure is more expensive.

I will not argue, to date, in the subway or in a suitable store can easily buy a lot of cosmetics to improve the appearance, including sets for nails and eyelashes. But do not forget that the avaricious pays twice. These sets have nothing to do with the materials the make-up artist use, and they are kept for several hours to several days only.

False eyelashes are glued to eyelids by continuous strip. They are glued over the natural lashes, and may fall off. False eyelashes are the best for short-term events. Individual eyelash extensions procedure is much more reliable and accurate method. With proper care you can wear them about 3-4 weeks, after this term you should do the correction or remove them completely. Individual eyelash extensions procedure is pleasant and comfortable. It doesn’t take a lot of time – from forty minutes to a half hour.

Make-up artist will select for you the most appropriate length and thickness of eyelashes, which will make your eyes beautiful, mysterious eyes and looking as natural. No one would guess that this is not your native eyelashes but just cosmetic tweaks.

siberian 3d mink lashes
siberian 3d mink lashes

Until now, some people think that only models and pop stars are extended the lashes and ordinary women do not need it. We must dispel this myth. Every girl dreams of about luxurious eyelashes, whether she is a model or an accountant, it does not matter. And lash procedure is available today to everyone.

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