How To Get Waterproof Mascara Off Without Makeup Remover

What fun-loving gals and beauty conscious women don’t love waterproof mascara? It’s one of the best cosmetic advances ever that make beach and pool days pretty despite the splash. Heat doesn’t even beat your well-paid for mascara, right? But as much as waterproof mascara is an essential beauty enhancer, it can also be a nightmare to remove. It’s awful on your clean-up time at home when you have got to remove your mascara especially when you lose half of your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash as well. It is difficult to remove waterproof mascara, but you can get away with that. What you should do is to follow the right set of tips. Here’s how to get waterproof mascara off without makeup remover, and without suffering:

wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash
wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash
    • The first thing you have to know about waterproof mascara, although it is an important beauty tool is not to abuse it. That is, don’t use it too much. Touching up with your waterproof mascara several times a day makes its removal more complicated. Being waterproof, the product contains adhesive. That’s why it sticks to your eyelashes better. It typically doesn’t run when splashed with water. Don’t use your waterproof mascara too much so that it won’t be that difficult to take off. Then again, there is an alternative to using mascara if you want to get a bit persnickety. In lieu of mascara, you can use Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Aren’t these two of the most common things you keep in your bathroom cabinet? Vaseline, when used in place of your mascara makes your lashes look more glossy and darker. It looks as if you’ve applied mascara in the same way. Vaseline or petroleum jelly, when often used on your lashes takes good care of them, too. Your lashes will grow softer and longer when regularly applied with Vaseline. The product will delay the falling off of your precious wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash.


    • Use a commercial mascara remover. It’s the easier alternative. In a small amount of warm water, dip a special cotton remover. Apply it to your eyes so that it softens the mascara. Get another cotton ball that’s been wet with the commercial mascara remover and gently wipe it across your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash. Be careful not to use force when doing that. Other than the commercial mascara remover, you can use special cleansing wipes. It is a good alternative as well. When using either, always remember not to rub hard.
    • Use olive oil, it’s an excellent natural option to remove waterproof mascara. Olive oil, when applied on your eyes does not dry or damage your skin. Get a cotton ball and soak it with olive oil and gently wipe along your eyelashes. You actually don’t need to use much of it to take out all traces of your eye makeup.
    • When it comes to the best home remedies to remove waterproof mascara, you can count on petroleum jelly or Vaseline. These products have an oily composition, making them a good alternative for removing your eye makeup. They easily take off traces of waterproof mascara on your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash even without rubbing. No damage done as well.
    • Another ideal choice for a natural product to easily take away waterproof mascara on your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash is coconut oil. Get a cotton ball and soak it in a little amount of coconut oil. Gently dab your lashes with the solution. Coconut oil to easily remove waterproof mascara is used in the same way as olive oil. Both work effectively in cleaning your lashes.
    • A useful alternative in removing mascara on your lashes is cold cream. Other than taking off waterproof mascara, cold cream in general is also a good alternative as a makeup remover.
  • When cleaning your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash using any of the above-mentioned products, always remember that you don’t need to apply too much pressure. Don’t scrub your eyes excessively when removing waterproof mascara on your eyelashes. Otherwise, you’ll be unnecessarily losing your precious eyelashes. Keep your cotton ball or wipe soft and smooth prior to using. Soak it in warm water before wiping on your lashes. Any product that you use on your eyes (including cotton wipes or cotton balls) should not be harsh.

Your wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash, other than keeping you looking young and beautiful, also protect your eyes. So take good care of them. Enhance your beauty with makeup, but always remember to take good care of your eyes and lashes along with your skin in your beauty routine.

wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash
wholesale 3d artificial mink fur eyelash

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