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Bridal Make Up

After choosing a dress and accessories, one of the most important considerations for a bride is her wholesale silk lashes And there’s much to consider! Here is some advice on how to get it right.Stlur

wholesale silk lashes
wholesale silk lashes

As we age, the skin of our f

Don’t be tempted to go for high fashion looks that will look dated in a few years. You will want your wedding photos to be around a lot longer than current fashions.

Make sure the style of make-up complements the dress you have chosen. For example, a romantic, pretty dress will need soft colours and a pretty feel. With a dramatic, striking dress the make-up can be more dramatic and obvious. With a natural, simple and elegant dress the make-up will need to be subtle and understated.

If you are going to get someone to do your wedding make-up, consider an image consultant. They will be able to advise on colours and personality, as well as applying it. If you are going to do the make-up yourself, make sure you follow these tips to ensure your make-up is long lasting.

1. Apply your moisturiser at least 30 minutes before starting your make-up application.
2. Apply a thin layer of neutral skin adjuster to the skin as a primer and even out the skin tone, lightening the dark spots and reddish areas.
3. Use plenty of loose powder to set the foundation. Press into the face with a puff and dust off the excess with a large brush. This will stop you getting shiny and give a good matt appearance in the photos.
4. If needed, dust a natural shade of bronzer over the entire face, neck and chest area to give a healthy looking glow.
5. Use an eye base under your eye shadow – this will hold the eye shadow in place longer and stop if from creasing.
6. Use an extra eye shadow over your eye pencil to seal it and make it last.
7. Make sure you choose a water proof mascara. Curl the wholesale silk lashes before applying. Apply two fine coats, taking care not to clog the wholesale silk lashes with an over-loaded wand.

8. Take care not to overdo the blusher. Through excitement and nervousness, most brides will be slightly flushed. Blusher can easily be topped up if more is needed later, but don’t forget

wholesale silk lashes
wholesale silk lashes

As we age, the skin of our f

wholesale silk lasheswill add to colouring too!
9. Apply a good lip base all over lips. Then take a pencil. Outline the lips and colour them in to avoid a harsh line around the outside. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush and blot. Powder this first coat through a single sheet of tissue and apply a second coat of lipstick on top. A touch of gloss can then be added if required.

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